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On January 28, 1900, in an ordinary pub in Leipzig, the German Football Association (DFB) was formally established. From then on, German football began to operate in an orderly manner. In 1903, the final of the first German inter-regional national competition was held in Hamburg, and the Leipzig team won the championship. In 1904, FIFA accepted Germany as a member state. In the long wind and rain that followed, German football developed aimlessly. Since the announcement of the German Football Association in 1900 until the Allied occupation of Germany in World War II, the German Football Association has done a lot of work. With the end of World War II, Germany experienced a history of division between East and West, and the German Football Association was forced to disband. In 1947, the Federal German Football Association was established in Frankfurt under the jurisdiction of the three western countries, and the German Democratic Republic under the jurisdiction of the Soviet Red Army also established the Football Association the following year. The Federal Republic of Germany began to organize the league in the 1947-1948 season, and the game still followed the German league in the past, that is, the final was played by the team with the best performance during the league. [9] This game method has been used until the 1962-1963 season. During this period, German football gradually formed a style, that is, power football, which emphasizes abundant physical fitness and perfect tactical coordination. After the end of the 1990 World Cup, Germany, which had been divided for 45 years, finally moved towards unification, and the two football associations also merged into one, becoming the German Football Association. After reunification, German football basically followed the football system of the Federal Republic of Germany. The annexation of the GDR has caused a temporary chaos in German football. After four years of pain, German football finally embarked on a grand reunification. Some established clubs have raised the banner of German football. In the past, some small and medium clubs also gained a foothold by virtue of their own strengths, which led to a healthy and orderly development of German football. The Bundesliga has gone through more than 60 years of ups and downs. Now the team quota remains at the level of 18 teams.

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