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VfL Wolfsburg

How does the club become green and white

A local youth coach at the time, Bernd Elberskisch, had ten green jerseys to dispose of. Bedsheets donated by citizens were sewn together to match shorts with shirts. Thus the first jerseys were born. In fact, not only is the club insisting on green and white as its club colours, the town has also adopted colours that make every Wolff fan of this day proud!


Tough first few years

At the beginning of 1946, the club almost ceased to exist as all but one transferred to then 1 FC Wolfsburg after their 5-1 defeat of TSV Sulfeld. Joseph "Juppe" Meyer was the only one left. He is exploring seeing Willie Hilbert and discussing how the two can form a decent football team. The two men are "signing" a group of people in the next few days, only a few of whom have played football before. Hermann Hewl (owner of the later successful Wolff handball team), Hunz Walter (boxing), Ernst Butchett, Schwarzenbart's brother, Hunz Borg and others formed the new team, and they lost their first match, against a British army team, 0-8. But, the foundation is there, it's the only hope! A year after they started, they won their first championship (Gifhorn District Championship).

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VfL Wolfsburg


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